Katie Mesh skirt

Stushi Co has caught the eye of an amazing fashion blogger once again... Our " Katie mesh skirt" has been featured & reviewed by the gorgeous Raysa Garcia. Here's what she had to say. "

Hello dear friends! How was your weekend?

My weekend was a little bit more relaxed than usual. 

On today’s blog! 

I’m sharing this look wearing this beautiful and girly skirt from @stushi_co 

Isn’t it cute? 

First of all let me say I’m not much of a skirt / dresses kinda of girl. Let me tell you why! 

I have such a small high waist , that wearing skirts is a struggle. They look great because of my hips but is so lose on my waist regardless the style of the skirt the struggle is the same. If i wear something to tide on my waist i look way too skinnier . You can literally see my ribs Hehehehe. No kidding! I do love skirts and dresses but only wear them on special occasions. 

When @stushi_co contacted me to collaborate with their company. 

Most of the times I get to choose the items. This was one of the cases. 

So i chose this skirt. Which i think is such a lovely and beautiful piece. You can style this skirt in so many ways. 

We are in fall and the temperature has been very nice in DC / Va still cold rainy and cloudy but not so crazy. So then I thought about styled it with a sweater & my current favorite pumps. 

I thought about wearing some black stocking but then I liked it how it look without the stocking. 

This skirt is meant to be fitted to your waist so you can wear a crop top or a tide blouse a denim shirt with OTK boots .. Oh Gosh so many ways you could style it this skirt and it will looks just amazing. 

I will definitely be wearing this skirt a lot. I absolutely love. 

The quality of their clothes is amazing and the prices are very affordable. 

 Please check out their website for more. 

http://www.stushico.com ;

Also ( Instagram // Facebook // Pinterest // Google+ // Twitter ) 

You can find out more details at


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